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Cour Windfarm Community Benefit Fund

About the Cour Windfarm Community Benefit Fund

The Cour Windfarm Enterprise Fund is a fund that has been established to support community groups, voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises that benefit the communities living in the community council areas of East Kintyre, West Kintyre and Tarbert & Skipness.  The Fund is provided by Cour Wind Farm Limited, the company which owns and operates the Cour Windfarm Development. Octopus Investments are the current owners of Cour Wind Farm Limited. The Fund will be available as long the operational life of the windfarm development which is currently expected to be up to 25 years.

How much annually will the Fund have to distribute?

An annual payment of circa £102,500, less administrative fees, will be made by the Project to the overall fund. If the annual funding is not fully allocated within the calendar year, the surplus will be rolled-over to the next year. The fund will be open twice annually for applications.

What is the purpose of the Fund?

The Fund will provide grants to community groups, voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises to support their activities within the catchment area of the development. Ideally, the Fund will support projects and infrastructure which promote the economic, social and/or environmental sustainability of the catchment area.  Most of all, our wish is to ensure that successful applications are translated into real projects that make a material difference and deliver a lasting legacy to the host communities. We will evaluate the impact of its work so that it can make sure the funds deliver best value against the objectives and also improve or modify the funding process/criteria when necessary.

Who can apply?

Groups and organisations working to benefit the people or the environment in the Cour Wind Development catchment area, the community council areas of East Kintyre, West Kintyre and Tarbert & Skipness, can apply for a grant.

How much funding can be applied for?

The minimum award is £250. The maximum award figure is £25,000, however, in exceptional circumstances this may be increased for larger projects applications. The Fund will support up to 90% of the overall project costs (e.g. if your overall project cost is £1000, the fund may support up to £900 of this by grant).

How do you apply?

All applicants will need to complete an application form which can be found below and provide the required supporting documentation. Please read the criteria document before completing your form

Cour Windfarm Community Benefit Fund – Criteria

Cour Windfarm Community Benefit Fund – Application Form

When does the Fund open for applications?

Applications can be made for the 1st round of funding after the 1st of November 2018.

The application closing date is as follows:

28th February 2019.

When completed please send your application via email to or send to Octopus, PO Box 6653, Blairgowrie, PH10 9AU.

Help with preparing an application

Please contact the Cour Community Benefit Fund Manager, Angus Robertson at or on 07871 785583 if you have any other questions or require any assistance with the application process.

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