Beinneun Community Benefit Fund

Beinneun Community Benefit Fund

The Beinneun Community Benefit Fund is a fund that has been established to support community groups, voluntary organisations, local charities and social enterprises that benefit the communities living in the community council areas of Fort Augustus & Glenmoriston and Glengarry.

How much annually will the overall Beinnuen Community Benefit Fund have to distribute?

An annual payment of circa £544,000, less administrative fees, will be made by the operators of Beinnuen Windfarm to the overall fund. The annual payment also supports a winter fuel payment to households within a specified range of the windfarm and a number of scholarship awards to local students.

What is the purpose of the Community Benefit Fund?

The Fund will provide grants to community groups, voluntary organisations, social enterprises and local charities to support their activities within the catchment area of the development. Ideally, the Fund will support projects and infrastructure which promote the economic, social and/or environmental sustainability of the catchment area.

Who can apply?

Community groups, social enterprises and charitable organisations working to benefit the people or the environment in the Beinneun Wind Development catchment area, the community council areas of Fort Augustus & Glenmoriston and Glengarry, can apply for a grant.

How much funding can be applied for?

The minimum award is £250. The maximum award figure is £100,000, however, in exceptional circumstances this may be increased for larger projects applications. The Fund will support up to 90% of the overall project costs (e.g. if your overall project cost is £10,000, the fund may support up to £9,000 of this by grant). Applicants will need to evidence that the remaining percentage of match funding of the project costs has been secured.

How do you apply?

For more information and before you complete your application please read fully the Fund criteria document. Links to both this and the Fund application form can be found below. Detailed in these documents are where to send your completed application and what supporting documentation will be required to accompany the form.

Beinneun Community Fund – Criteria

Beinneun Community Fund – Application Form

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